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Age at Visit
Any exam abnormalities
Average DBP
Average HR
Average OGTT value at 120 minutes
Average OGTT value at 15 minutes
Average OGTT value at 30 minutes
Average OGTT value at baseline (this is, in effect, fasting plasma glucose)
Average SBP
AVLT: Delayed Recall
AVLT: False Positives
AVLT: long-term % recognition
AVLT: memory efficiency score
AVLT: Recognition % Correct
AVLT: Recognition Hits
AVLT: short-term % recognition
AVLT: Trial 1 - 5 sum
AVLT: Trial 6
Benson Complex Figure: Copy
Benson Complex Figure: Delay Recall
Category Fluency: Animals
Category Fluency: Vegetables
CDR: Global
CDR: Sum of Boxes
Cholesterol HDL
Cholesterol LDL
Cholesterol VLDL
Cognitive Change Index - Executive
Cognitive Change Index - Language
Cognitive Change Index - Memory
Craft Story: Immediate Recall Paraphrase
Craft Story: Delay Recall Paraphrase
Craft Story: Delay Recall Verbatim
Craft Story: Immediate Recall Verbatim
Digits Backward: Longest Span
Digits Backwrd: Correct
Digits Forward: Correct
Digits Forward: Longest Span
DSC (120 seconds)
FCSRT: Free + Cued Recall
FCSRT: Free Recall
Focal deficits
GDS (15 item)
Glycemic Average (calculated from 120 minute)
Hemoglobin a1c
Hip Circumference
MINT: Total uncued + semantic cued
MoCA score (out of 30)
OGTT area under the curve
PACC5 using the avlt dr based on data from through first P30 cycle (June 30, 2021)
PACC5 using the fcsrt0-96 based on data from through first P30 cycle (June 30, 2021)
STAI (20-80)
Total Intensity of Individual Exercises
Total Score on the ESPB
Trails A
Trails A Errors
Trails B
Trails B Errors
Verbal Fluency: C Words
Verbal Fluency: F words
Verbal Fluency: L words
Waist Circumference
Waist:Hip ratio
Years of Education
Supervision Diagnosis



Left or Right Handed

Visit Date
Collection Date

Ace Inhibitors
AD drugs
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers
Anti-adrengeric Agents
Any Anti-HTN Drug
Benson Complex Figure: Recognition Correct
Beta Blockers
Calcium Channel Blockers
Combination HTN Meds
Diabetic Drugs
History of DM
History of HTN
History of Sleep Apnea
History of TBI
Parkinsonian Signs
Sights of NPH gait
Signs of ALS
Signs of CVD
Signs of PCA
Signs of PSP or CBD
Vascular brain injury (based on clinical and imaging evidence)


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