CoreTrustSeal Repository

What is CoreTrustSeal?

CoreTrustSeal offers to any interested data repository a core level certification based on the DSA–WDS Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements catalogue and procedures. This universal catalogue of requirements reflects the core characteristics of trustworthy data repositories and is the culmination of a cooperative effort between DSA and WDS under the umbrella of the Research Data Alliance to merge their data repositories certifications.

Brief Description of Repository

The repository, the Pepper Study Registry (PSR) contains a multitude of data sets collected from gerontology/geriatric studies and is hosted under the Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs) Coordinating Center (CC)[1]. The OAIC CC coordinates research activities as well as maintains and preserves shared resources such as sharable data, for the network of 16 individual aging research centers of OAICs. Supported through funding from the OAIC CC as well as the Wake Forest OAIC, the PSRa holds the data and manages data usage and sharing. Besides data sets, there also exist biospecimen samples, the meta-data of which was managed by the PSR. Request for biospecimen will be forwarded to the specific laboratory for fulfillment of the request. While the PSR maintains a searchable meta-data level function for data and biospecimen from multiple institutions, only the subset of data sets from the Wake Forest OAIC is made available through the PSR[2]. Through data user agreement (DUA), the raw data can be made available to users. To gain access to raw data from other institutions, users have to contact individual study data owners from other institutions.

In summary, the scope of certification is for PSR and only includes the discovery services of (1) provision of meta-data for broader data and biospecimen resources, and (2) data sharing service and preservation of data from the Wake Forest OAIC. Certification does not cover data request fulfillment for data outside the Wake Forest OAIC and request for fulfillment of biospecimen.

The PSR is part of a larger data sharing resource called WakeShare, which included imaging data from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. The certification process does not involve data source from the ADRC.


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